Maintenance Free Battery

Cronex Batteries maintenances-free car battery has very good low temperature starting ability, super long shelf life and maintenance free under normal situation. Those batteries are manufactured under JIS technology standard, less electrolyte is consumed, good anti-vibration capacity. It’s good used for car, tractor, mine-truck and the starting, lighting for the construction engineer vehicles etc. It has been made to perform for those who strive for more; it generates power under extreme climatic conditions, no matter where you are. The unique combination of Calcium Lead Silver alloy results into increased corrosion resistance, greater resistance to high temperatures, minimum self-discharge, longer shelf life and longer service life.


  • High Capacity and Long life
  • ¬†Advanced calcium lead alloy technology, maintenance-free design.
  • High CCA and good starting performance.
  • Application of advanced PE type separator.
  • Advanced sulphate-resistant technology.
  • Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant performance.
  • Range Capacity: 35Ah -200Ah.


  • Avoid mixing batteries of different capacities, makes and ages.
  • Connecting cables to the battery should be of appropriate quality and size.
  • Keep connections tight and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.


  • Top up periodically as required to the correct level (Use only Distilled Water)
  • Excessive consumption of water is an indication of Overcharging.
  • Keep battery Dry & Clean.