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Cronex E-Rickshaw Batteries are extreme batteries which combines its unique material combination with generation ahead technology for the Indian market. These batteries launched in India for the very first time which performs well under extreme hot climatic situation, throughout the day. It is designed to deliver power yet remain alive for longer duration ever after extensive discharges on daily basis.
Cronex E-Rickshaw Batteries are available in 3 technological flavors to offer flexibility and number of choice for the user. All of them are unique in their own state.

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  • Provides consistent performance
  • Quick charge acceptance
  • Long battery life
  • Provides consistent performance
  • Eco-friendly
  • Range : 100 Ah to 160 Ah


Container & Lid : Polypropylene co-polymer (PP CP)

Separators : DARAMIC MAKE PE sleeves.

Positive plates: Hi-pressure die cast spines of pb-sb alloy with Sn.

Negative plate : Flat Pasted, Extra heavy duty grids.

Connectors : Intercell welding through partition.

Self Discharge : Less then 2% at 27℃ per 28 days (when fully charged)


Life cycle : 800 cycles @ 80% DOD
1600 cycles @ 50% DOD
2800 cycles @ 20% DOD

Installation : According to equipment manufacture’s instruction.

Unique Features:

  • Deep cycle Design
  • More Mileage/More Back-up
  • High Corrosion Resistance
  • Good Charge Recovery
  • Unique Calcium Hybrid Technology,
  • Thick flat plate batteries
  • Long Service Life,
  • Ultra Low maintenance,
  • Excellent cyclic performance with quick charge acceptance,
  • Flexible climate friendly with low gassing feature.

Charging Instructions:

  • Battery should be charged for at least 10-12Hrs before re-use for maximum result.
  • Charging should be done at 12 amperes.
  • Automatic Charger Voltage Cut should be 62Volts.
  • Fully Charged Gravity: 1.250+-0.005 at 27.C.
  • Never add acid to the battery.


  • Avoid mixing batteries of different capacities, makes and ages.
  • Connecting cables to the battery should be of appropriate quality and size.
  • Keep connections tight and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.


  • Top up periodically as required to the correct level (Use only Distilled Water)
  • Excessive consumption of water is an indication of Overcharging.
  • Keep battery Dry & Clea


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