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Wet cell batteries are typically used as rechargeable secondary batteries. This makes them ideal for use in motor vehicles, where the car’s alternator recharges the battery after starting. For the amount of power that they supply, and their durability, wet cell batteries are fairly affordable. If properly maintained, wet cell batteries also have a high number of charge-discharge cycles. They are also less likely than other batteries to suffer damage from overcharging.

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A wet cell battery generates power from a pair of electrodes and a liquid electrolyte solution. Early wet batteries consisted of solution-filled glass jars and with electrodes dropped into each one. About the size of the average toaster, modern wet cells are used to start most cars and are comprised of lead plates in a solution of sulphuric acid. A sheet of insulation separates the anode (negative electrode) from the cathode (positive electrode). Wet cells can be either primary or secondary cells


  • Avoid mixing batteries of different capacities, makes and ages.
  • Connecting cables to the battery should be of appropriate quality and size.
  • Keep connections tight and apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.


  • Top up periodically as required to the correct level (Use only Distilled Water)
  • Excessive consumption of water is an indication of Overcharging.
  • Keep battery Dry & Clean.


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