Tubular Battery

All tubular batteries behave similarly to start with, but obviously, not all tubular batteries are the same. The difference lies in the composition of the alloy in the positive support structure, as well as in the way that the main back bone of the plates, called the SPINE, is cast. Cronex Tubular Batteries are low maintenance batteries with positive tubular plates which are known for its excellent characteristic of power back up for longer time duration. Cronex Tubular Batteries are also uniquely designed which contains 25% more electrolyte which acts as a coolant, controls rising temperature of battery and in presence of carbon fitted in water level indicator reverts water back into the battery which comes out due to vaporization enhancing ultra low maintenance to it.


  • High Standard Tubular Plates Deep Cycle Operations
  • High Charge Acceptability
  • Ultra Long Service Life
  • Low Maintenance
  • High performance
  • User Friendly
  • Range: 45Ah to 220Ah

Full Charge Conditions:

  • Make sure total Ah input is completed (Amp X duration = input Ah).
  • 3 consecutive hourly readings of specific gravity and voltage becomes constant.
  • Top of charge voltage will be around 15.5 V – 16.5V
  • All cells should gas freely.
    Specific Gravity of electrolyte in fully charged condition: 1.250±0.005


  • UPS
  • Inverter
  • Solar
  • Telecommunication
  • Railway

With the advent of E-Rickshaw, the demand for E-Rickshaw batteries has increased over time. E-Rickshaws are powered by E-Rickshaw batteries. These batteries are made for the specific application by E-Rickshaw and are not only required for starting the rickshaw but it also acts as a fuel for the same.